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ROBUST Gabion & Mattress


Roadway Protection

The protection of highways and roads from natural disasters are facilitated with the use of ROBUST gabion that stabilize the slopes protecting shoulders which are susceptible to erosion.


Bridges and Culverts Protection

Bridge abutments and culverts are potentially at risk of scouring during heavy rains and strong flowing water. ROBUST gabion boxes and mattress can be used as abutments and protective structures that aid in the flow of water while avoiding the risk of erosion.


Retaining Walls

ROBUST gabion used as retaining walls are functional, economical solutions and a good alternative to other types of retaining structures due to their  flexibility and permeability.


Rockfall Protection

Rolls of ROBUST fabric with lacing, done by joining together, are provided as a blanket to cover the surface of slopes to protect any infrastructure built at the foot of the slopes against rockfall. ROBUST gabion constructed as a retaining wall is an alternative.


Channel Lining

Channels are protected using ROBUST gabion and mattress structures against erosion. These structures also control and guide the movement of water naturally.


Boundary and Security Fencing

ROBUST gabion units can be used to construct secure boundary fencing and are much more cost effective than concrete fences.

TEQ Lab Testing Equipment

HCH is Cambodia’s sole distributor of TEC EQUIPMENT lab testing supplies.
We offer a wide variety of lab testing equipment in these categories:


  • Drying Ovens (Moisture Content Test)
  • Abrasion Machines
  • Aggregate Shakers
  • Motorised Sieve Shakers
  • Specific Gravity Frames
  • Sample Splitters


  • Marshall Test Set (Compression machine/mold, compaction hammer/mold/pedestal, extruder, dial flow meter, water bath, proving ring)
  • Centrifuge & Hand-Operated Extractors
  • Mortar Mixers
  • Electronic/Digital Penetrometers


  • Concrete Compression Test Machines
  • Cast Iron Molds (cube, cylinder, beam)
  • Slump Test Sets
  • Non-Destructive Concrete Test Instruments
  • Vebe Consistometers
  • Penetrometers
  • Compound Melting Pots
  • Cylinder End Grinding Machines


  • Molds (briquette, three gang, test bar)
  • Flow Tables
  • Mortar Mixers
  • Blaine Air Permeability Apparatus
  • Length Comparators
  • Vicat Testers


  • Humbolt Nuclear Density Gauge
  • Electrical Density Gauge (EDG)
  • GeoGauge
  • Soil Penetrometer
  • Torvane Shear Tester Set
  • CBR Testing Set
  • Sand Equivalent Testing Set
  • Soil Surface Samplers
  • Compaction Test Set


  • Gasoline-Powered Core Drills
  • Prestressing Machines
  • Diamond Core Drills
  • OHAUS EB Series Scale
  • Aluminium Moisture Cans
  • General Purpose Dial Thermometers, Beakers, Cylinders, Dial Indicators

Rubber Expansion Joints

HCH is the official distributor of Saeng Thai Rubber Co., Ltd products. In addition to many other products, we provide high quality, flexible rubber expansion joints for use in bridge works and other construction projects.

Contact us via phone or email for more information on what we can provide.

(855) 12-950-421


Confelt Geotextiles

ConfeltGP is a nonwoven geotextile which is specifically used for geotechnical engineering applications. Three types of fibers: Polypropylene, Polyester and Polyethylene can be used to produce the ConfeltGP for specific applications needed by the designer.


  • separation for foundations of highways, railways, parking areas
  • drainage/filtration for trench drains and area drainage
  • erosion control for river revetments or coastal breakwaters
  • reinforcement for MSE walls, steep slopes or embankments
  • protection for geomembrane of waste water containments

Contact us via phone or email for more information on what we can provide.

Order Product at


#621 Rumchek 4

Battambang, KH


8 am – 8 pm

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